Why Choose Us

Fly to your favourite destinations at prices that don’t pinch because air travel has never been so affordable. The Divine Travel Trip has state-of-the art fleet which is maintained with the highest standards of safety so you can fly confidently. Our friendly crew will take care of you as you travel to meet the people you love or visit the places you’ve always dreamt of.

We strive to follow best safety practices. Our commitment to safety and security is reflected in the maintenance of our aircraft and engines, the extensive training given to pilots, cabin crew and employees and the strict policies and procedures in compliance with the local regulations, international standards and best practices regarding all areas of our business that are involved with the operation of our aircraft.

When you choose to fly Go First, you enjoy best-in-class service while staying connected to all your favourite destinations. Our ultra-low-cost airline puts you first. Hop on aboard our next-gen fleet of aircraft as we keep you connected to multiple domestic and international destinations.

FREE Full Refund due to Medical Reasons. Divine Travel Trip brings an extraordinary offer in these tough times!

Get full refund for domestic ticket in case you cancel it due to medical sickness. Best Part – There are ZERO extra charges for this service.

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